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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is ResearchCafe?

ResearchCafe is the largest single source data-destination for information on 100+ technology markets which enables users to sift through and analyze massive reams of data and compile information that can be used to solve problems by drawing better and faster decisions.

2. Who should use ResearchCafe?

ResearchCafe helps Business Leaders, Marketing Heads, Strategic Leaders, Technology Experts and Market Analysts to track Markets and Competition there by taking data driven decision.

3. Why should I use ResearchCafe?

ResearchCafe gives instant access to information in a catalogue form along with findings, insights and analyses which can be used to take market-pilot decisions.

4. How different is ResearchCafe from other Market Intelligence platforms?

Unique value propositions for this product are:
- Single store to track all market data
- Accessible for entire decision making value chain
- Flexibility in data visualization
- Periodic Data Updating Mechanism
- Pay per use model

5. Which are the reports covered?

Click Here to know other reports available with us.

6. Where can I see a demo of ResearchCafe?

Click Here for a demo or free trial.

7. What will I get in product demo/free trial?

Trail version provides reports to analyze and visualize for one Market report and one Competition report.

8. What is ResearchFox Consulting's relationship with ResearchCafe?

ResearchFox Consulting Pvt Ltd is a force behind the success and launch of ResearchCafe. They are the backers for the overall development, data inputs, research findings and inferences of ResearchCafe. To know more about ResearchFox Consulting please visit: ResearchFox

9. What are different Pricing models?

Standard version of one report
Global Report
PDF : $ 250
Digital Subscription: $ 300

Segment specific report
PDF : $ 150
Digital Subscription: $ 200

Full Subscription: $ 1000*/Year

10. How can I make payments in ResearchCafe?

You can pay online through CCAvenue payment gateway either through your credit or debit card as per your convenience.

11. How frequently the data is being refreshed?


12. What kind of support is available for ResearchCafe?

You can talk to our analyst/consultant at +91-80-6134-1500 or you can write a query to and get a quick reply from our analyst/consultant in no time.